Kwapisz-Grabowska graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland in 1999 (Graphic Workshop and Painting Department). Since then her paintings have received attention in Poland and internationally ​with the recognition in the 2010  Fine Art Competition in New York, which was juried by Guggenheim Museum in NY. In 2015 she participated in course of theory of art and painting at the Universitat der Kunst in Berlin. She has presented her art in many individual and group exhibitions all over the world including Poland, Germany, USA, United Kingdom and Italy.
Now she lives and works in Berlin .

Selected exhibitions

2000  Empik Gallery Gliwice, Poland
2000  Gruop Exhibition, BWA, Katowice, Poland
2001  Pod Nad Art Gal lery Tarnowskie Góry, Poland
2008  Art Gallery Marziart, Hamburg, Germany
2009  ARTPrize - Grand Rapids, USA
2011  Within young figurative painting, Art Gallery Platon, Wrocław, Poland
2011  Summer in the City, Art Gallery Platon, Wrocław, Poland
2012  Paintings, SDA, Warszawa, Poland
2012  Parallax AF - Londyn, United Kingdom
2012  Cechmanowicz Art Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2012  National Filharmonie, Art Gallery Platon,  Wrocław, Poland
2012  Imprimatvr Bennale - San Martino dell’Argine, Italy
2012  Sensual Figures Art Gallery Platon,  Wrocław, Poland
2010  ARTPrize - Grand Rapids, USA
2012  Parallax AF - New York, USA
2013  Summertime Pionova Art Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland
2013  Inne / Others - Pionova Art Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland
2014  Intimate figures, NEXT Art Gallery, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2014  Intimate figures, Kuratorium Art Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
2014  Figures, CCDRD Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014  XII Warsaw Art Fair, Poland
2015  Napiórkowska Art Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
2016  Figures Bohema Art Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
2016  Sensitive Figures POSK Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2017  Plato Art Gallery, Stuttgard, Germany
2018  XVI Warsaw Art Fair, Poland
2018  Figures – Icons – Art Gallery Platon, Wrocław, Poland
2018  ART GWANGJU 18, Korea
2019  Figures –  Demand of Simplicity, Art Gallery, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
2019  Figures – Pieces of Reality  Art Gallery Brama, Gliwice, Poland
2019  XVII Warsaw Art Fair, Poland
2019  Night of Musuems event at Platon Art Gallery, Wrocław
2020  One_Ona - Art Gallery Platon, Wrocław, Poland
2020  Pandemic Exhibition COVID 19, Berlin, Germany
2020 A portrait  has many names, Kolekcjoner Art Gallery, Tytano, Krakow
2021 Figures In Diversity, virtual exhibition
2021 "Women" Art Gallery Vinci, Poznań
2022  (Not)My paintings Art Gallery Platon, Wrocław, Poland
2022 Platon at the Warsaw Art Fair 2022

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